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Approved by PCI, New Delhi & Affiliated to JNTU Anantapur

CTM Cross roads, Madanapalle, Annamayya District, Andhra Pradesh -517319



01.Fundamental knowledge : Develop and demonstrate the depth and breadth of knowledge from the foundational sciences in core subjects of pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacotherapeutics, social, behavioural, administrative, health policies and clinical sciences to evaluate the scientific literature, elucidate drug action, identify and solve therapeutic problems, and advance population health and patient-centered care.

02. Practice and care : Provide patient-centered care as the medication expert and prioritize patients need and manage patient healthcare needs using human, financial, technological, and physical resources to optimize the safety and efficacy of medication use systems, graduates will be able to design prevention, intervention, and educational strategies for individuals and communities to manage chronic disease and improve health and wellness. Effectively communicate verbally and nonverbally when interacting with an individual, group, or organization.

03. Lifelong learning and innovation : Demonstrate the ability to set personal and professional goals and priorities, effectively plan and manage time, and organize work. identify and analyze emerging issues, products, and services that may affect public health policy, patient-centered and population-based therapeutic outcomes, medication use systems, and pharmacy benefits, develop new ideas and approaches to improve quality or overcome barriers to advance the profession. Engage in innovative activities by using creative thinking to envision better ways of accomplishing professional goals.